LM combinations

Liggett and Myers offered a good selection of L&M menthol cigarettes: L&M One: A unique combination of quality tobacco products and various additives. L&M menthol: Visual menthol makes cigarettes taste of the real smoking pleasure and fresh taste of menthol to distinguish it from other menthol cigarettes. L&M menthol Lights: a lightweight version of L&M menthol exceptional taste - smooth and soft.

L&M One is a pleasant combination of tobacco and some additives. L&M menthol in menthol cigarettes is a distinctive taste that makes it stand out among their cigarette menthol colleagues. L&M menthol lights even lighter version of L and M's with a very smooth and tender taste of menthol.

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johnas комментирует...

I hardly tasted any menthol or had any menthol like experiences but after tasting LM menthol I forget everything. I enjoy the flavor of a good menthol cigarette, they are excellent and fulfilling my cravings.

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Bernard I. Fowler комментирует...

L&M cigarettes are delicious.

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