New cigarettes L&M X-Slims presented in two versions taste - and Linx Tune.

Fredrik Stahl, director of advertising for Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end, "commented so new launch today:" The popularity of thin cigarettes is growing rapidly in Russia, and notably in the last two years - primarily because adult smokers change their preferences favor stylish cigarettes, new proposals from well-known brands, and most importantly, soft feeling, delivering the pleasure of smoking. Replying expectations of our adult smokers, we have developed an entirely new tobacco bag, which, in combination with a triple filter coal, as well as completely new to "L&M Cigarettes" design package, will expand the range of options for the taste of this brand, and will complement the existing line of the five versions of the classical format. "

"Style X-Slims inspired by urban culture and the trend characteristic of large cities, and that is why we have decided to issue two new proposals in the 25 largest cities of Russia," - said Jan Billinghem, advertising manager for the average price of stamps segment Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing ".

Running L&M X-Slims will be supported in the traditional media, including advertising in the press, in the retail business and dialog marketing, as well as club activities aimed to adult smokers learned of the launch and are interested in them.

Philip Morris has invested 15 million dollars in equipment to restart the brand L&M Cigarettes cigarettes in Russia.

Philip Morris Group has invested 15 million dollars equipment in the factory Philip Morris Izhora "to restart L&M Cigarettes in Russia, told journalists managing director of affiliate companies Philip Morris International in Russia Maklohin Leo. The equipment supplied by German Hauni, intended for the manufacture of innovative triple filters (including machinery for the manufacture and assembly of three filters, special equipment for accession to the cigarette filters, etc.). The new technology will be available in the new L&M Cigarettes, combining the triple carbon filter, a new tobacco blend, and the new design package. The new L&M Cigarettes completely replace L&M Cigarettes old model, which ceased production. The updated brand will be sold at the maximum retail price (MRC) 19 rubles. for the stack as ever.

Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end "initiated distribution perezapuschennoy brands in retail across Russia 6 2007 g. In II quarter of 2007 New L&M Cigarettes were also launched in the markets of Ukraine, Hungary and Romania. Development of the product was held specifically to the countries of Eastern Europe, including Russia.

To recap, in May 2007, Philip Morris undertook restarting its other brands, investing about 16 million dollars in the installation of equipment for the production of cigarettes and filters for the new varieties brand Marlboro - Marlboro Filter plus - at the factory Philip Morris Izhora (Leningrad Region). According to the Business Analysts, in II quarter of 2007 Market share of Philip Morris brands over the same period last year rose by 0.2 percentage points and reached 26.7%. In doing so, in II quarter of 2007 Leader brand companies in 25 major cities in Russia with an average of the sample 29.92% market share. At the end of 2006 Philip Moris took 26.6% tobacco market in Russia.

The group Philip Morris in Russia has three affiliated companies: two production ZAO Philip Morris Izhora "in the Leningrad region, and OAO Philip Morris Kuban" in Krasnodar, as well as sales Ltd. Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end "with branches in 100 cities around the country. Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end "works in the field of marketing and sales in Russia 11 families brands of cigarettes Philip Morris, such as Bond Street, Chesterfield, L&M Cigarettes, Marlboro, Muratti Ambassador, Next," Optima "Parliament, the Union - Apollo, Trend and Virginia Slims. Total investment in Philip Morris manufacturing facilities in Russia now exceeds 800 million dollars In Ukraine, the company has a factory in Kharkov region, the total investment in the project - to $ 100 million The share for the tobacco market of Ukraine, on the basis of 2006 - 33%. In Kazakhstan, the company owns a tobacco factory in the area of Alma-2006 g. exceed 58% (data research agency "Business Analyst").

Family marks L&M Cigarettes represented in Russia flavoring seven versions: polnovkusovoy, Lights, Super Lights, One, Menthol Lights, X-Slims Linx and X-Slims Tune. According to the independent market research agency Business Analytica, the share of the market in Russia marks in II quarter of 2007 stood at 6% of the Russian market, with a mark of L&M Cigarettes took a leading position in srednetsenovom segment with 25.2% share. Today, L&M Cigarettes brand ranks third in the world among all brands of tobacco sales and second place in the portfolio of brands of cigarettes Philip Morris International.

L&M Cigarettes were produced in the United States in 1953 as the first product of the company Liggett Group in the category of filter cigarettes. With 1963 launched L&M Cigarettes in the international market and has started selling licenses for the manufacture and sale of L&M Cigarettesin countries such as Argentina, Spain, the Philippines, France and Switzerland. In 1978, of Philip Morris International has acquired international license for a trademark L&M Cigarettes virtually all countries except Hong Kong. In Russia sold mark since 1993.

L&M Cigarettes: restart stamps

As a product, L&M Cigarettes have changed dramatically. Have been set up new tobacco blend, and a new filter and a triple, as a consequence, has become another taste of cigarettes - more lenient. A new design of packaging. In terms of reducing harm to the health of the new L&M Cigarettes did not offer any innovation.

In Philip Morris believes that the risk of failure is minimal updates cigarette smokers. "We conducted testing, including working with focus groups, and the results were positive. Plus, in May, we launched the new L&M Cigarettes in the markets of Ukraine, Hungary and Romania. results of these projects allow optimistic look at the prospects for the brand. In Ukraine, for example, L&M Cigarettes increased its share to 0.2% "- explains the position of the company Sergey Slipchenko, newly appointed director of advertising" Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end. "

Moreover, the company insists that the product needed to change and develop flavor characteristics to meet the preferences of smokers, who tend to favor cigarette with a milder taste and light.
Production of cigarettes old already filed. Of the sales, they will not be removed: Considering the size of Russia and L&M Cigarettes share of the market, making it too difficult. The new L&M Cigarettes gradually replace old and will be sold at the same price - a maximum of 19 rubles per pack of cigarettes. Distribution of cigarettes in a new retail chain started on 6 August.

Regarding investment, the productive part of the implementation of the project were spent some 15 million dollars. They went to the purchase and installation of the factory "Philip Morris Izhora" (St. Petersburg) equipment for the manufacture of new triple cigarette filters. Expenditure on marketing - to research, the development of new product concepts and the campaign to launch and promote a revitalized brand - has not been disclosed.
Global brand advertising campaign developed an updated headquarters staff "" Philip Morris International in Lausanne (Switzerland). Adaptation of the campaign for the Russian market has been agency Leo Burnett Moscow. The campaign is ambitious as on the territorial scope, and in terms of the number of planned marketing activities. When placing advertisements in the press is scheduled to pay special attention to regional publications. There will be a large number of BTL-shares - from events in clubs nationwide to Smillions game, which is allocated several stages. The game is aimed at stimulating sales: to take part in it, enter the code which is printed on the liner, located inside the stack with cigarettes.
For the Russian market tobacco restart L&M Cigarettes - is one of the most ambitious projects. L&M Cigarettes is among the leading brands in sales in the country. An estimated research agency "Business Analysis", it accounts for 6% of the Russian market, while the average price ranges, it is 25.2%. When 14 years ago, Philip Morris has come to Russia, it is L&M Cigarettes became the foundation on which the company has built its business here.

Philip Morris displays to market new cigarette "L&M"

Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing announced the withdrawal of the Russian market cigarettes completely new "L&M Cigarettes", combining a new tobacco blend, triple carbon filter and the new design package.

"This is totally new page in the history of the product" L&M Cigarettes "and a significant step forward in strengthening the position of our brands and the leading engine of growth of our business" - said Leo McLaughlin, managing director of affiliated companies Philip Morris International in Russia. "Russia - the leading market for Philip Morris International, the volume of sales, the biggest market in the world to mark" L&M Cigarettes ", and the mark for us here is the lead. therefore restart cigarettes" L&M Cigarettes "- this is a very important initiative for the brand in Russia "- he said.

New product "L&M Cigarettes" combines harmonious combination of a new tobacco blend and triple charcoal canister that gives soft and harmonious flavour cigarette presented in a totally new package of modern design.

For release entirely new cigarette "L&M Cigarettes" in the factory Philip Morris Izhora "found new equipment for the manufacture of innovative triple filters (including machinery for the manufacture and assembly of three filters, special equipment for accession to the cigarette filters, etc.) from the company" Hauni (Germany). This required additional investments in the order of 15 million dollars.

"Taste preferences Russian adult smokers, as well as the trends that exist in the Russian market is changing in favour of cigarettes with a milder taste and light. Adult consumers waited for our cigarettes from us changes, and cigarettes" L&M Cigarettes "had to evolve to meet these expectations. It took a decisive step forward, "- said Sergei Slipchenko, Advertising Director Philip Morris Marketing Seylz end." -- By taking this step, we had to preserve the rich tradition of brand based on its conformity to international standards of high quality, among today's adult smokers. At the same time, it was necessary to develop flavor characteristics brands to broaden the appeal of cigarettes "L&M Cigarettes" in the middle price ranges "- he added.

Coal Section new triple charcoal canister softens the cigarette smoke, a section of the traditional cellulose filter before and after it will give a sense of light and pleasant taste. New tobacco mixture in combination with a triple coal cigarette filter attaches new "L&M Cigarettes" soft and balanced taste. New triple carbon filter will be used in cigarettes "L&M Cigarettes" with the full taste, "L&M Cigarettes Lights", "L&M Cigarettes Super Lights" and "L&M Cigarettes One." In cigarettes "L&M Cigarettes Menthol Lights" will remain homogeneous acetate filter, which is in harmony with the songs from three different shades of menthol: "peppermint" (peppermint mint), spearmint (curled mint) and crispy mint "(crispy mint), while allowing Smoking feel of a truly refreshing mint flavor.

New cigarettes "L&M Cigarettes" will be sold at the maximum retail price of 19 rubles per pack of cigarettes, currently in effect, and fully replace cigarettes "L&M Cigarettes" old model, which ceased production. Distribution at retail across Russia began August 6, 2007.

Research and development of new product concepts (including product testing, packaging and advertising campaign with the participation of Russian adult smokers) held its headquarters Philip Morris International, in close collaboration with the company's affiliates in Eastern Europe, including Russia. The campaign to launch brand in Russia has developed an advertising agency Leo Burnett, which is adapted for Russia global brand advertising campaign "L&M Cigarettes" developed based Philip Morris International in Lausanne (Switzerland).

New cigarettes "L&M Cigarettes" were launched in the markets of Ukraine, Hungary and Romania in the second quarter of 2007.


L&M Cigarettes, the second-largest (after Marlboro) mark in the portfolio "Morris" is the leading trio L & M, and S Muratti hesterfi e ld, as indeed, and the company itself, which occupies cigarettes in the premium segment and Middle-Class somewhere 45%.

L&M - is cool? Brand cigarettes changed shape ...

May 17, 2006 Director of Advertising "Philip Morris Seylz end" Marketing Fredrik Stahl, Director of Corporate Affairs Manager Robert Mey and advertising trademarks srednetsenovogo segment Jan Billinghem held a press lunch on the redesign brand L&M Cigarettes. Despite sincere pathos researchers Russian consumer awareness, dialogue lunch with reporters reminded picture of the guerrillas "death", and the redesign and the accompanying creative somehow seemed too banal.

A week later in the stalls will include new L&M Cigarettes. Redesign tutu, zateyanny only in Russia, as a major trading bridgehead Phillip Morris, closer to the already established in the premium segment "skruglennomu" style with riflenymi ends. In the colours of the cigarette boxes and added whiteness and laconic brevity. And improved quality: the percentage fell resin content, softened taste. Subject vseevropeyskomu boom sterility, mark confidently moves towards the caption "The Ministry of Health has warned." Favours "Morris" and our new advertising law, in the belief that Russia is not yet a signatory to an international convention on tobacco control is still somewhere in the middle between totally indifferent to tobacco states and such "strogorezhimnymi" countries like Italy, France or Turkey where Phillip Morris has been successful.
L&M Cigarettes, the second-largest (after Marlboro) mark in the portfolio "Morris" is leading the "Russian" 3 L&M Cigarettes, and S Muratti hesterfi e ld, as indeed, and the company itself, which occupies cigarettes in the premium segment and Middle-Class somewhere 45%. Therefore, L&M Cigarettes and was subjected to "premium" re-design based on consumer preferences frequently changing group of 18 to 30. When she adult audience of buyers, not all of a sudden find prilavkah beloved tutu, in the eyes of a new thing, civilized brand. Taking it in their hands, the audience pleasantly surprised meeting with old friends, but even nicer to know that the price of cigarettes has not changed.

Interesting look at the leaflet campaign. Until this - almost the only information for anything specific (say, the number sold in the Russian market cigarettes, the anticipated market coverage and advertising budget, the nature of marketing research, advertising communications planning and even psychological portrait audience) at the press conference were unable to learn. Apart from the mother to Russian ears discourse: the number one brand in Russia, the world's number two in sales and number three is sure to produce a course improving sales since 2001 (the date when the Russian revolutionary hand reached for a European cigarette). Jan Billinghem Frederick Stahl and so courageously avoided less precise answers to the most seemingly innocuous questions that the dialogue was to remind the minting of football - we take turns "Khodorkovsky leg" in the art of its own to catch the ball.
"Well, nothing, after eight weeks will be a period-Launch campaign and, just before the release and the case" - I thought. A booklet has been left in their hands. In his cross-turn - five options packs of L&M Cigarettes - from the hardest to lightweight. Looking at them, if you do not want to wear a white robe, the waiter or, in extreme cases, jacket firm Bolshevichka. I just background - green, red, crimson, promises provocation. I really: to lay down their faces right - or left page, and here it is - a person target: the top of the green shaven shrekoobraznogo "bumer" with a powerful tattoos all bugristoe shoulder, fuchsia and blue jeans with thigh maiden rovnenkoy zavitushkoy where needed. However, in contrast to the clean white packs with &, tattooed body parts TSA deliberately made in dark tones that (try to think of advertising sponsors), closer to the real consumer brand, and together with him to Europe and Russia, to the civilization and barbarism, and the definition of "loyalty" to the word "cool", said officials "Morris" as a national definition of brand "L&M Cigarettes".

The mystery of the Russian soul priotkryvaetsya and dedicated parts of copyright, which, understandably, are read in isolation from the booklet: the only caffeine accustomed to the rhythm of definitions

"The fresh look of"
"New forms"
"Special soft taste"

Finalists on how spotykaeshsya

"Keeping pace with the times"

I think this "zakovyka", as well as "perpendicular" slogan "Form your taste," ugadyvaemy in rasslaivayuschemsya as Plushka, font - thoughtful course of Leo Burnett. Already hurt confidently consistently puts the entire European creative stamp on our post-Soviet physiognomy.

You said that Kazakhstan will be following…