L&M - Just what the doctor ordered!

Cigarette smoking has become a style icon for many people around the world. The cigarette has become very common among people of every age, race and social class. You can find people smoking cigarette in many places you visit. Whether you attend a social function or family, you will most likely find people smoking cigarette. Even people don’t mind to smoke in the parks and in the public places. You will find people smoking in the offices, parties and get together. There are different brands of cigarette which you can find in the market. There are few companies, which offer the best quality of cigarettes on the market.
L&M is one of the popular cigarettes created by the company Ligget&Myers. Ligget & Myers Tobacco Company was founded in 1873 after a partnership between J.E. Ligget and George Smith Meyers was established. The trade name of the cigarette was derived from the initials of its producer L&M “Ligget & Meyers”. The cigarettes by L&M Company are most preferred by a large amount of people. L&M Company offers the best quality of cigarettes to the people with a smooth and rich tasting flavor. The L&M Company makes sure that they are able to maintain the quality and rich taste in the cigarette while still maintaining a competitive price.
Nowadays, this famous brand is produced by Altria Group Inc. It is especially blend of the best sorts of tobacco - Virginia, Oriental and Burley ones. At present, L&M cigarettes are welcome in several varieties and each of them has its own peculiarity.
The flavor of the L&M cigarettes is very high and rich in taste and flavor. That is why L&M cigarettes are liked by many people around the world. L&M cigarettes have six brands or flavors to choose from that will fit any person’s desire. They are the L&M Filter/Classic Box cigarettes, L&M Lights Box cigarettes, L&M One Box cigarettes, L&M Super Lights Box cigarettes, L&M Menthol Lights Box and L&M Menthol Box cigarettes. They also have their Slims flavors such as the L&M Slims Tune/NEO cigarettes, L&M Slims Vibe and the L&M Slims Mixx. They are sold in packs of 10 cigarettes and 20 cigarettes. The L&M Classic or Filter in the red box is strong in taste and is for those who desire a bolder flavor. The L&M Lights and Super Lights are specially made for those who like soft tasting cigarettes that are also smoother, while the L&M One is designed for a regular smoker, who is looking for a simple yet flavor cigarette to enjoy daily. The L&M Menthol/Menthol Lights will be most appreciated for its fresh tobacco taste, but also for it less bold flavor. L&M make’s many styles and flavors that are perfect for its wide range of customers.
L&M cigarettes are sold worldwide in about 60 countries all over the world. Millions of smokers around the world love its strong and aromatic taste. Even if it is sold at a low price, it can still guarantee to give smokers their utmost pleasure and delight. L&M cigarettes are not only tasty but easy on your pocket book.

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